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About Legato Flowers:

About Us - Legato Flowers

Ritsuko and Gemma met whilst working together in a busy London florist. With over 20 years experience between them and lots of their own ideas, their wish was to set up a bespoke company together to focus purely on events using only the finest quality flowers would do. As a result Legato Flowers was founded.

Gemma began working in Floristry as a Saturday girl at 16 at a local shop just outside of Canterbury. She continued working throughout her university studies, where she trained as a classical musician. Her first job out of University was working under Mary Jane Vaughan where she began to refine and develop her skills further. Since then Gemma has worked in a variety of florists around London and, with strong ideas and an artistic eye,  strives to achieve perfection in all she does.

Ritsuko first discovered her love of flowers though her mother.  Whilst at school, she studied the traditional Japanese style of Ikebana. Her love of flowers led to her studying through the Flower Decorators Association.  She then came to London where she studied under Jane Packer, Kenneth Turner and McQueens in order to learn a more English style of flower arranging. Ritsuko has held various floristry positions in florists around London. Both her sense of style and skill in designing and arranging come highly recommended.